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BioBeat24: Driving solutions in neurodegeneration with digital

BioBeat in collaboration with UK DRI held a half day seminar at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, London on Thursday 16 May 2024.

The field of digital solutions for neurodegeneration is exploding.  This event was an inside track on the latest developments in diagnosis through to care, fundraising and start-ups. The fantastic speakers came from research, innovation, investment and emerging companies.

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BioBeat23 provided a platform for investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to delve into the evolving world of biotechnology.  Against the backdrop of economic adversity, this gathering of minds shed light on the key mindsets and strategies required for success in the biotech industry.  Organised by Miranda Weston-Smith, Founder of BioBeat, and Alisa Molotova, Investment Manager at Martlet Capital, the event provided valuable insights for biotech industry professionals.


This report highlights 30 trendsetters from across the UK who are tackling the biggest health challenges of our time. This year's report also features insights from five alumni who share their vision for the opportunities that lie ahead as we move through the pandemic and beyond.


The BioBeat20 Summit, hosted in partnership with the Francis Crick Institute, brought together the life sciences community to explore the opportunities for adopting and investing in data-driven health. A global audience with more than 200 attendees from across the UK, USA, Brazil and Europe joined the virtual meeting. The Movers and Shakers BioBusiness 2020 report features the pioneers who are bringing us better health.


Accelerating cell and gene therapy was the topic of the BioBeat19 summit. Hosted at GSK Stevenage, it scrutinised how joining up science and value in cell and gene therapy can deliver global health impact. The trailblazers in biotech are featured in 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2019.


The BioBeat18 summit debated Disrupting biodata healthcare, hosted at the Wellcome Genome Campus. 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2018 identifies 50 outstanding women who are revolutionising bioscience products for healthcare from the lab and the clinic to the boardroom, world of finance and ecosystem.


How do we step up biotech partnering to make greater impact on health and wealth? The Francis Crick Institute was delighted to host BioBeat17: Re-shaping biotech partnering on 16 November 2017. This half day event for scientists, entrepreneurs and investors explored strategies and opportunities for successful translation between academia and biotech.


How do we nurture growth in the life science sector and ensure the UK is the best place to develop innovative patient therapies in these turbulent times? These are some of the questions that were discussed at the BioBeat16 summit, on Stretching Biotech Pharma Entrepreneurship, held on 16th November 2016 in Cambridge. Read Miranda’s blog.


The 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2015 report really shows how the biotech industry is embracing change, with nearly double the number of Rising Stars compared to last year. 50 outstanding women bioentrepreneurs and business leaders are recognized for their contributions to global health innovation.

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